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Frequency spectrum, as one of most important asset of mobile network operators (telecom service providers) is key enabler for mobile cellular network capacity, coverage and end-user experience. All modern 5G - NR, 4G - LTE , as well as legacy 3G - WCDMA and 2G - GSM mobile cellular networks are heavily depending on available frequency spectrum resources. Due to complex and versatile frequency spectrum ecosystem and regulations across the world, it is sometimes difficult to keep track on actual allocation of FDD and TDD frequency spectrum bands to specific mobile operators.

In this dynamic enviroment, our mission is to provide you accurate information's about actual frequency spectrum assets assigned to mobile network operators. Our experts are in regular contacts with frequency spectrum regulatory authorities and every change in spectrum allocation is reflected in our free frequency spectrum database.

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Collaborate with industry leading telecom frequency spectrum experts and analysts. Discover how spectrum is assigned across different regions and in different countries. Stay informed about most recent frequency spectrum allocation changes.
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