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About spectrum-tracker.com

Frequency spectrum, as one of most important asset of telecom service providers (mobile network operators) is key enabler for optimal mobile network capacity, coverage and end-user experience. Due to complex and versatile frequency spectrum ecosystem and regulations across the globe, it is sometimes difficult to keep track on actual allocation across specific markets.

Our mission is to provide you accurate information's about actual frequency spectrum assets assigned to mobile network operators in every country where mobile network services are available. If access to information's is granted to us, we are indicating spectrum allocations not only on national level, but also on regional / local level.

Through our web interface you can also search our frequency spectrum database and get most relevant information's you need. We also offer you possibility to download operator-level frequency spectrum allocations in .pdf format. Depending on practical need, we will do further enhancements of our online platform and make it even more flexible and adaptive.

In order to be able to deliver this information's to you, we are gathering and processing data through our online platform deployed on spectrum-tracker.com. Data which is prepared for your usage is in most of the cases publicly available and is comming from different sources like:

  • web sites & databases of frequency spectrum regulatory authorities responsible for specific country
  • web sitest & data sources of relevant regional institutions responsible for frequency spectrum management
  • 3'rd party data sources (web sites, applications, databases) who are making frequency spectrum allocation data publicly available
  • direct inputs recieved from representatives of spectrum regulatory authorities

  • We are not using or reffering to any existing commercially available frequency spectrum database or data source, as information's in such databases are often not updated and cannot be considered as relevant. We are combining data comming from different trustworthy inputs as indicated above and with this approach we are always trying to make sure that data in our system is matching frequency allocations deployed in field.

    However, regardelles of high accuracy level we are trying to achieve, information's shown on this web site should be considered as informative as they might not be 100% precise! For actual spectrum allocations please always directly contact spectrum owners or responsible regulatory authority. spectrum-tracker.com cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect negative consequences arising from the usage of this web site. For more details please reffer to our "Terms of service" and "Privacy Policy".

    In case of any issues with data consistency or web platform, please can contact our team via info@spectrum-tracker.com