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Mobile network frequency spectrum of Namibia

Namibia, 16.11.2023

Namibia Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) has recently granted new licenses to major mobile network operators Telecom Namibia (TN) and Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC), as well as local Internet Service Provider (ISP) Loc8 Mobile. This development follows CRAN's successful auction of the 700MHz and 800MHz spectrum, generating an reasonable sum of approximately NAD28.6 million (USD1.47 million).

The awarding of 5G licenses marks a significant stride in the country telecommunications landscape, signifying a commitment to advancing high-speed connectivity and embracing cutting-edge technologies. Telecom Namibia, Mobile Telecommunications Company, and Loc8 Mobile are poised to leverage the newly acquired spectrum to deploy 5G networks, unlocking enhanced data speeds, reduced latency, and the capability to support innovative applications.


Relevant license allocations are reflected in our database and can be found here:

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